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At Amplify, we believe true talent and real art deserve to be heard and appreciated, not exploited for profit. We act on this belief by curating live performance videos from artists called Single Sessions and through hosting live music events called Amplify Nights, all of which is done purely for the sake of sharing good music and helping undiscovered talent. Take a look around! Who knows, you might just find your next favorite artist.

Aly Ross Single Session

Meet Aly Ross, a Belmont University freshman singer-songwriter originally from Bakersfield, CA. Though Aly is young, her songwriting is surprisingly mature and developed, and we were all blown away when she first played "Don't Call Me Darlin" for us in our studio during a demo tracking session. At that moment we knew we had to film a Single Session of this song, so that's exactly what we did. We set up in a comfy condo in East Nashville and got to work, with Marion Van Der Wees (Aly's roommate and manager) providing some lovely vocal harmonies. We hope you enjoy the video, as we certainly enjoyed bringing it to you. Make sure to check out Aly on Facebook as well to stay up to date with all of her future releases.