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Welcome to Amplify Entertainment Group, an online music publication based in Nashville, TN.

At Amplify, we believe true talent and real art deserve to be heard and appreciated, not exploited for profit. We act on this belief by curating live performance videos from artists called Single Sessions and through hosting live music events called Amplify Nights, all of which is done purely for the sake of sharing good music and helping undiscovered talent. Take a look around! Who knows, you might just find your next favorite artist.

Avvi Single Session

Recently we loaded into Bookman Bookwoman on 21st Avenue to capture a rare performance from Avvi, a singer-songwriter originally from Upstate New York. Avvi achieves a unique blend of sounds by running her cello through a loop pedal, allowing her to get the sound of a string quartet with a single instrument. Combined with strong vocals and songwriting inspired by music legends such as Alanis Morisette, Stevie Nicks, and Ed Sheeran, Avvi offers a a fresh perspective on the sometimes worn out singer-songwriter genre.

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