Amplify Entertainment Group

Welcome to Amplify Entertainment Group, an online music publication based in Nashville, TN.

At Amplify, we believe true talent and real art deserve to be heard and appreciated, not exploited for profit. We act on this belief by curating live performance videos from artists called Single Sessions and through hosting live music events called Amplify Nights, all of which is done purely for the sake of sharing good music and helping undiscovered talent. Take a look around! Who knows, you might just find your next favorite artist.

Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Single Session Submissions

Sharing great music is why we exist, so if you have some great music you think more people should know about, we'd love to share it through a Single Session! Here are some guidelines of what we look for when deciding who to feature for a Single Session:

  1. Is the song you're wanting to play in the video original? This isn't some hipster's snarky rhetorical question–we only feature original music for Single Sessions, no exceptions.
  2. Are you actively pursuing a career as an artist? In other words, we aren't looking to feature somebody who does music as a hobby. Serious musicians only!
  3. Do you have any kind of existing fanbase or Internet/social media following? While this isn't a requirement, per se, it certainly helps us spread the word about you better.

Guidelines for Article Submissions

Amplify is always looking to spotlight creativity and talent of all shapes and sizes, so we would love to read your article submissions! Here are a few guidelines of what we look for when publishing an article:

  1. Is it related to music, the music industry, or creativity in general? Examples include a music business article, an album discussion, an article about your experience at a show, etc.
  2. Is it positive? We aren't looking to bring any more negative thoughts to the Internet, so we do our best to keep articles published on our website positive and forward-thinking.
  3. Is it thought-provoking and carefully written? We're looking for articles that challenge people to think critically about important subjects. In other words, we are NOT looking for listicles and/or "clickbait" articles.
  4. Is it unique? We like to publish articles that challenge the status quo or that offer a unique or different perspective. WE DO NOT PUBLISH ARTICLES THAT HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED SOMEWHERE ELSE ON OR OFFLINE.